What do I need to know about?

  • Blenders

    Do not overload or pull off until motor is at a complete stop. Always have plenty of liquid, food processors are better for dry items. When blending hot liquids make benders capacity is less.

  • Microwaves

    Never turn on a microwave without food or liquid in it. Make sure there is plenty of airflow around the unit. Install away from sources of heat or grease.

  • Bermixers/Powermixers

    Clean and hang after each use. Liquids should not be excessively hot.

  • Espresso Makers

    Never leave the unit on without water. Depending on the design you may burn out a fuse, an element, or other and cause expensive damages.

  • Mixers

    Do not overload, use appropriate speed and attachment. Follow manufacturers guidelines.

  • Toasters

    Never use a knife to pull out bread: you could damage elements or other components.

  • Vegetable Dryers

    Do not overload. Do not remove the lid until the motor is at a complete stop.

  • Please keep cooking and baking!

    Many times we meet customers who tried to fix their equipment and cause more damage to the units. Keep cooking and let us do the repairs; you will save time and money.